Jake Audet Memorial Scholarship

Jake Audet Memorial Scholarship

The Jake Audet Memorial Scholarship was established in February of 2021 by his family to honor his life and legacy after his untimely passing.
Recipients of this scholarship must be enrolled at CCBC pursuing a degree or certificate program in one of CCBC’s skills trade including automotive, construction, HVAC, welding, machine tools, commercial vehicle operation, etc. The student candidate should write an essay to submit with their application identifying why they need this scholarship and are pursuing their chosen program.

About Jake Anthony Villapando Audet

Jake Audet was a student in CCBC’s Associates of Applied Science Degree Automotive Program, and anticipated graduating in August of 2021. Enthusiastic and always passionate about his art, he either spent hours behind the lens of his camera, working on his car, writing lyrics, creating his own sound, or just making those around him laugh.
Beyond being a creator, he was a man of practical attitude and turned away from the traditional lecture hall in favor of hands-on learning. He enjoyed understanding how things worked inside and out. He learned best by taking things apart and putting them back together. He was a tactile learner and always found reasons to tinker with things and learn how to fix things when boredom struck. In his personal life, Jake was a loving son, caring, thoughtful brother, and strong friend that would go great lengths to care for those he loved. His laugh was contagious, his smile bright, and his impact great.


This memorial scholarship allows Jake’s legacy to continue by aiding students in financial need the ability to continue pursuing what they are most passionate about